Quarantine Detachable Mesh:


An addition for QR. Exterior Restraints, our Detachable Mesh’s high-strength polyester webbing will not allow smaller items to dislodge and escape through the spaces in your cargo net. Available for both the Quarantine Short- and Long-Box Restraint Systems.

Quarantine Detachable Mesh

Quarantine Wrap Straps:


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Accessory Pack

Exterior Accessory PackThe Quarantine Accessory Pack can be used to provide supplementary hardware to both Quarantine’s interior and exterior cargo nets. As well, two extra Flow-Strap Tie-Down extender arms and extra connection hardware can be used in conjunction with QR’s Exterior Restraint System’s standard components to attach to the centre anchor points on the net to stabilize high or uneven loads. The Accessory Pack fastens securely to the Net Storage QR. Case for easy stowage.

Contents include:

  • 2 Carabiners
  • 2 Wrap Straps
  • 2 Flow-Strap Tie-Down Extender Arms
  • Storage Case

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QR. Accessory Pack
Accessory Pack – Click Thumbnail Above


QR. Case and the Interior Bar Accessory:


QR.Case and the Interior Bar Accessory