Throughout the U.S. penalties for violating load securement statues include fines and even include jail time for repeat or serious offences. In Canada, unsecured loads are an offence under the Highway Traffic Act and subject to fines, jail time and even a licence suspension. If cargo is dropped onto a roadway, drivers are also subject to a fine for littering and the cost of clean-up. In compliance with Canada's National Safety Code, each of Quarantine’s interior and exterior cargo restraint systems is clearly marked with its Working Load Limit (WLL), and is also compatible with the U.S.'s Department of Transportation (DOT) and North American Cargo Securement Standards (NACSS).


State Law:

Alabama: Department of Public Safety, Montgomery, AL 334-242-4395.
Fine: $500 (section 13A-7-29)

Alaska: Department of Public Safety, Anchorage, AK. 907-428-1333

Arizona: Department of Public Safety, Phoenix, AZ. 602-223-2000.
Fine: $250-$1000 (section 28-1098)

Arkansas: Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, Little Rock, AR. 501-569-2421.

California: California Highway Patrol, Sacramento, CA. 916-445-1865

Colorado: Department of Public Safety, Denver, Co. 303-232-5602.
Fine: $250-$1000 and/or imprisonment (section 42-4-1407)

Connecticut: Department of Motor Vehicles, Whethersfield, CT. 860-263-5700
Fine: $500 (section 14-271)

Delaware: State Police, Department of Commercial Vehicles. Camden, DE. 302-697-4454
Fine: $100 (section 4371)

Florida: Bureau of Motor Carrier Compliance, Tallahassee, FL 904-488-6289
Fine: $500 and/or imprisonment (section 316.520 / 775.082)

Georgia: Public Safety Commission, Hoper, GA. 404-559-6613
Fine: $1000 and/or imprisonment/suspension

Hawaii: State Department of Transportation, Honolulu, HI. 808-692-7661
Fine: $250-$1000 (section 291C-131)

Idaho: Idaho Transportation Department, Motor Vehicles Bureau. 208-334-3272
Fine: (section 393.100)

Illinois: Department of Transportation, Springfield, IL.217-785-1181

Indiana: Indiana State Police, Motor Carrier Division, Indianapolis, IN. 317-615-7373

Iowa: Department of Transportation Motor Vehicles Enforcement, Des Moines, IA. 800-925-6469
Fine: $100 (section 321.460)

Kansas: Kansas Highway Patrol, Topeka, KS. 785-296-6800

Kentucky: Transportation Cabinet, Department of Vehicle Regulation, Frankfort, KY. 502-564-3276

Louisiana: Department of Transportation and Development, Baton Rouge, LA. 504-343-2345
Fine: $500 or 6 month imprisonment (section 383)

Maine: Bureau of State Police, Traffic Division, Augusta, ME. 207-674-7000
Fine: $150-$500 (section 2396)

Maryland: Maryland State Police, Commercial Vehicle Division, Glen Burnie, MD. 410-694-6100
Fine:(section 24-160)

Massachusetts: Registry of Motor Vehicles, Boston, MA. 978-369-1005
Fine: $100 or 1 year imprisonment (C. 265, section 35)

Michigan: Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Division, Lansing, MI. 517-336-6195
Fine: $500 or 90 day imprisonment (section 257.720)

Minnesota: State Patrol, St. Paul, MN. 651-297-3935

Mississippi: Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Division, Jackson, MS. 601-359-7350
Fine: $25-$100 for each separate and distinct violation (section 63-7-89)

Missouri: Missouri State Highway Patrol, Jefferson City, MO. 573-751-3313
Fine: $300 and up to 15 days in jail (section 307.010)

Montana: Montana Highway Patrol, Helena, MT. 406-444-3300

Nebraska: Department of Roads, Lincoln, NE 402-471-0105
Fine: $100 – $500 (section 60-6,304)

Nevada: Nevada Highway Patrol, Elko, NV. 702-688-2500

New Hampshire: Department of Safety, Highway Enforcement, Concord, NH. 603-271-3339
Fine: Up to $2000 and/or imprisonment (section 266:72)

New Jersey: Highway Patrol, Trenton, NJ. 609-882-2000
Fine: $500 for each violation (section 39:4-77)

New Mexico: Public Regulatory Commission, Santa Fe, NM. 505-827-4519

New York: Department of Transportation, Albany, NY. 212-645-5550

North Carolina: North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, Enforcement Section, Raleigh, NC. 919-733-4077

North Dakota: North Dakota Highway Patrol, Motor Carrier Division, Bismarck, ND. 701-328-2455

Ohio: State Highway Patrol, Columbus, OH. 614-466-4056
Fine: Up to $1000 and/or 180 days in jail (section 4513.99)

Oklahoma: Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma City, OK. 405-425-2206

Oregon: Public Utility Commission, Salem, OR. 503-378-5835
Fine: $200-$400 (section 818.300)

Pennsylvania: Department of Transportation, Harrisburg, PA. 717-787-7445
Fine: $300 – $3000 (section 4903)

Rhode Island: State Police Truck Squad, North Scituate, RI. 404-222-2970
Fine: $100 – $500 (section 31-25-10)

South Carolina: Public Service Commission, Columbia, SC. 803-737-5175
Fine: $100 & misdemeanor charge (section 56-5-4100)

South Dakota: Highway Patrol, Pierre, SD. 605-773-3105
Fine: $500 and/or 30 days imprisonment (section SDCL 32-15-18)

Tennessee: Department of Safety, Nashville, TN. 615-251-5216
Fine: $500-$1500 & community service (section 39-14-502)

Texas: Department of Public Safety, Austin, TX. 512-424-2051
Fine: $25-$500 (section 725.003)

Utah: Department of Transportation, Salt Lake City, UT. 801-965-4559
Fine: $1000 & imprisonment (section 72-7-409)

Vermont: Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Safety, Montpelier, VT. 802-828-2078

Virginia: Department of State Police, Richmond, VA. 804-674-2000

Washington: State Highway Patrol, Olympia, WA. 360-766-6196
Fine: $1000 – $5000 and/or imprisonment (section RCW 46.61.655)

West Virginia: Public Service Commission, Charleston, WV. 304-766-2100

Wisconsin: Division of State Patrol, Madison, WI. 608-266-3212

Wyoming: Wyoming Highway Patrol, Port of Entry Station, Cheyenne, WY. 307-777-4317