Best Off-Roading Trails in Alberta: Quarantine Cargo Nets For Trucks and Trailers

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Best Off Roading Trails in AlbertaHauling an ATV or off-roading motorbike? Quarantine’s cargo nets and accessories, including our 2-in-1 tie-down systems and wrap straps offer a number of securement options. We designed our nets and straps to safely haul your cargo or off-road vehicle wherever you go to ride.

Some of the best off-roading trails in the world exist right here in Alberta. The Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association provides an overview of the rules you need to know when heading out to explore on two or four legs.

Help Keep Alberta Trails Open for Everyone!

An adequate muffler is very important, and it’s our responsibility as riders to ensure continued enjoyment of these trails for everyone! It is also the responsibility of all riders to determine whether trails they use are open and/or designated for off-highway vehicle use. All off-highway vehicles must have lights, current vehicle registration, and valid insurance. See the AOHVA Regulations for detailed information.

Quarantine Cargo Nets: Crowsnest Pass ATV & Dirt Bike Trails

Most trail junctions are marked with numbers and offered on maps.

North of Highway 3: For this area, the Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad provides ATV Trail Maps and you can also check GPS locations.

From the Atlas Staging Area go north or west. Take trails to the north for the following destinations:

  • Window Mountain Lake
  • Racehorse Pass (British Columbia)
  • North Snowmobile Shelter
  • Racehorse Creek
  • Spoon Valley
  • Windy Ridge

Trails lead west to:

Deadman’s Pass to B.C.

Alexander Creek East to McGillvray Staging Area at Knowles Flats provides access to:

  • McGillivray Creek (trail along creek)
  • Windy Ridge (a challenging trail through difficult terrain)
  • Spoon Valley and Vicary Mines
  • Open Coal Pits (north of Blairmore)

South of Highway 3: For this area, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development provides the Castle Special Management Area Map to riders.

From the Sartoris Staging Area, head south to:

  • Lyons Creek

Trails head east to:

  • Drum Creek and Hillcrest
  • Upper Adanac Road (head west to Coal Haul Road South of Coleman or back of Blairmore Ski Hill, or south to Willoughby Ridge and summit of Sartoris Road l)
  • The York Creek Staging Area

Trails head south to:

  • Crossover Trail to Sartoris Road

Trails head west to:

  • Plane Crash trail (North York Creek)
  • York Creek Basin (South York Creek) and the headwaters of Lynx Creek

In the Star Creek Staging Area, head west on the Pipeline Trail to:

  • Emerald and Crowsnest Lakes

Head south to:

  • Headwaters of Star Creek and connect to Plane Crash Trail

From the Inn on the Border trails head south to:

  • Tent Mountain
  • Ptolemy Pass
  • Point 37 Sartoris Road

Head west on the trail to:

  • Goat Creek

Head south to:

  • Lost Creek and Snowmobile Shelter

Point 55 Adanac Road

Head north to:

  • Mine Site at Adanac Summit

Head south and west to:

  • Carbondale River or Gardiner Creek
  • North Lost Creek
  • The Snowmobile Shelter and South Lost
  • Connector trails between drainages

More ATV & Dirt Bike Trails in Alberta

Chambers Creek: 30 km west of Rocky Mountain House Highway 11 and Horbourg, 35 km west of Rocky Mountain House Highway 11A.

Crescent Falls: 20 km southwest of Nordegg. Trails in the overflow area of the Crescent Falls Camp Site and accessible from the the camp site.

Deer Creek: 45 km southwest of Sundre. Reservations: 403 335 3467.

Fallen Timber: 70 km north of Cochrane Highway 940.  Head for the camp site. Several trails; some are unmarked.

Harlech: 13 km east of Nordegg Highway 11, Saunders 20 km east of Nordegg Highway 11 and 8 km south.

Nordegg: 100 km west of Rocky Mountain House, several camp sites including Upper Shunda Creek (3 km north Highway 11). Reservations: 403-721-2333.

Phyllis Lake: 16 km west of Caroline Highway 54.

Snow Creek: 17 km west of Nordegg. Reservations: 403-721-2333.

South Ghost: 43 km northwest of Cochrane. Highway 40.

Ram River: 64 km south of Nordegg. Highway 40. Reservations: 780 845 6919.

Red Deer River: 60 km southwest of Sundre. Highway 734. Reservations 403 335 3467.

Tay River: 16 km southwest of Caroline. SH 591.

Quarantine Restraints Cargo Nets for Trucks and Trailers

Quarantine Restraints’ exterior cargo nets and trailer cargo nets and tie-downs will secure your ATV or off-road motorbike safely to your pickup bed or trailer. Our uniquely designed wrap straps enable your tie-downs to connect to attachments and anchor points where a carabiner is unable.

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