Cargo Nets vs. Tarps: What’s Better For Truck Bed Hauling?

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Cargo Nets vs. Tarps: What’s Better For Truck Bed Hauling?If you haul cargo regularly, you know the importance of properly securing your load. Not only can cargo easily come loose from truck beds and be ejected out on to roadways – possibly causing damage to another vehicle or even a collision – in the event of a quick stop or evasive maneuver, cargo can also be propelled into truck cabs through their rear windows. In a worst-case scenario, you and a passenger could be seriously injured.

Any sort of cargo – both interior and exterior – has the potential to become a deadly projectile in an accident. Being safe on the road means watching out for your cargo, plus other drivers and your passengers.

Two of the most common ways to secure truck bed loads are cargo nets and tarps. The similarity between the two is that they both prevent items from coming loose from truck beds. But which is really better for transporting goods?

Cargo Nets vs. Tarps: Materials

At Quarantine Restraints,  cargo securement is our business. Each component of Quarantine’s truck bed cargo nets are of the highest quality we could find or produce. The result is not only the most wear-resistant, durable product on the market, but also the most versatile.

The main part of any cargo net system consists of the net itself. We manufacture our cargo nets using the toughest material available – polyester webbing. Approximately 300 polyester fibers are woven together to make a single strip of webbing, and although the break strength for different seat belt webbing differs, most can hold a weight of about three tons (6,000 lbs.).

We use polyester instead of nylon because it withstands rubbing, does not stretch or change shape when wet, resists mildew and is easy to clean. Just use a mild household soap and water! Polyester also does not stretch as much as nylon when under tension and is able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather.

In comparison, even the most heavy-duty plastic tarps are only able to hold about 11 to 12 oz. of weight per square yard. They tend to wear quickly if rubbed (or if they flap), and a small hole can easily turn into a larger one if the user isn’t careful.

Plastic tarps do keep cargo dry, but can take a long time to dry out themselves before they can be stored or used again.

Cargo Nets vs. Tarps: Ease of Use & Versatility

Tarps can be very tricky to tie down properly. Because they come in several different sizes, the area of your tarp may not exactly match the size of your truck bed. You need to fit the tarp to the size of your cargo somehow, though, and it can be a tough job for just one person. It’s difficult to get tension consistent on the rope and avoid tangling, and any small movement can cause knots to begin to come loose.

Plus, grommets on tarps can be spaced from 18 to 36 inches apart, which results in an awkward arrangement if you need to tuck or fold your tarp. Grommets can also be too small or flimsy to handle the most durable ropes.

Quarantine cargo nets fit easily over loads of all shapes and sizes, and were developed specifically to effortlessly attach to any truck bed. Our climbing carabiners make setting up your net simple, and our Flow-Strap (FS) tie-down technology makes tightening or loosening your net for custom cargos a breeze. The Flow-Straps (FS) can be extended to 50 inches for extra-high loads, and we have provided three different attachment points for loads of all proportions.

The Ultimate Securement For Your Cargo

If travelling on a wet day, use Quarantine Restraints with a tarp underneath to keep your cargo dry. If you have smaller items you worry may slip between the net’s spaces, Use Quarantine’s cargo webbing to keep those articles in place.

Quarantine interior and exterior cargo nets have the highest engineer-certified strength rating  in the industry. With a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 1,967 lbs., you can be sure any load your truck can carry will be completely secure with Quarantine Restraints. Find a dealer near you!