Dirt Biking Tips For Beginners: Cargo Nets and Accessories By Quarantine

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Dirt Biking Tips For BeginnersQuarantine Restraints’ cargo nets are designed with our exclusive, Flow-Strap tie-down technology, which combined with our wrap strap extenders make spur of the moment dirt bike trips easier than ever. And as your machine was secured in the back of your truck to eventually arrive at your destination in one piece, those same thoughts of safety fundamentals should carry through to the trails. 

Safety Fundamentals of Dirt Biking: Vital Protective Gear

Everyone has to start somewhere when taking on a new sport, but being a beginner doesn’t last long. Those just starting out will be fairly easy on their machines, but as skills improve bikes can take quite a thrashing. 

A smart rider wears as much protection as possible. Without proper equipment there are certain areas of your body where injuries are likely to occur. Protective gear is vital for your safety as well as your enjoyment of dirt biking. Designed to prevent all sorts of injuries, protective gear is required for competition, and so the best time to get used to wearing it is when you’re a beginner.

Basic gear to prevent common injuries:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Kidney belt
  • Chest protector
  • Motocross boots
  • Knee guards
  • Gloves
  • Riding pants

*Some companies design riding pants for women to provide a better fit

When Ready to Practice: Safely Hauling Your Dirt Bike

After you master the basic skills listed below, practice on the best off-road trails in Alberta. Safely haul your bike to the trails to sharpen up your skills.

If you’re feeling confidant enough, the next step is to participate in events!

Here’s a list of what you’ll need when you’re ready to haul your dirt bike:

  • Trailer, truck or sport carrier to transport your bike
  • Tie-down straps (cargo nets with wrap straps and tie-downs are best for hauling dirt bikes)
  • Extra gear oil
  • Filter cleaner and extra oil
  • Spare spark plugs and spark plug wrench
  • Gas can with extra fuel

Dirt Biking Tips for Beginners: Mastering the Basics

Whether your goal is to ride in motocross and Enduro events or simply enjoy trail riding, if you learned to ride on a street bike, understand that the position of your body, braking and controlling the throttle are very different on a dirt bike.

Body Position: Proper positioning is critical because it affects everything – turning, braking and your control of the throttle. The further back you sit, the less control you have over the bike. When you first straddle the seat and while keeping your feet on the ground, accelerate slowly and relax into the indentation between the seat and fuel tank. When riding slowly, if you can stand on the footpegs without relying on the handlebars for support, your body is in the correct position on the bike.

Accelerating and Controlling the Throttle: When you accelerate, the force pushing you backward may lead to an unintentional pull on the throttle and loss of control of the bike. The trick is to not rely on the handlebars to counteract the backward force. If your body is in the correct position, you can lean forward while simultaneously pressing down and back on the foot pegs. When you can remove your left hand from the handlebars as you accelerate and the bike continues straight ahead, you’re in proper control of the throttle.

Braking: When applying the brakes, force pushes you forward, and again the trick is to counteract the force without relying on your handlebars. If you rely on the handlebars, turning becomes difficult and the muscles in your arms tighten up, making it difficult to react to bumps. As you brake, squeezing the gas tank with your thighs will keep your body in the correct position.

Once you master the basics, the Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association (DSMRA) provides a set of exercises to fine-tune your skills.

Quarantine Restraints: High-Quality Cargo Nets and Accessories

Quarantine Restraints cargo nets are extremely versatile. Our exterior restraints are the highest quality systems available in the industry, and our exclusive accessory wrap straps combined with our Flow-Strap tie-downs are excellent for securely hauling your bike to off-road trails to practice or participate in events. 

At Quarantine Restraints, we’re motorbike enthusiasts ourselves. If you have any questions please contact us.