Exterior Restraint System

Exterior Restraint System

Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Net is designed to provide optimal coverage and securement to cargo within pickup truck box, utility trailer and general cargo restraint applications.

The cargo net offers multiple connection points for the Tie-down straps enabling a secure fit to varying size loads and with the ability to remove the Tie-down straps and connect to different areas of the net it greatly increases the size adjustment range for the largest of load to the smallest.

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Cargo Net Benefits

  • Comes with 4 Tie-down straps that can be used with or without the cargo net and independently rated and working load limit tags sewn on providing DOT & NSCSS compliance.
  • Easy to setup and no complicated components or sharp metal buckles that could damage your vehicle.
  • Oversize aluminum carabiners on each end of the Tie-down straps makes for extreme ease of use and wont come unattached in any circumstance. Simply no comparison to any other product on the market.
  • Optional detachable ripstop mesh or sewn on mesh provides containment for smaller objects.
  • Multiple cargo nets can be attached together to create an oversize restraint for use on trailers and larger applications.
  • Come with durable utility carrying case with multiple pockets to contain net and all needed accessories


Unsecured loose cargo regulations are being implemented throughout the Government to the private sector and the dangers of Loose Cargo within work vehicles are now becoming a serious concern. Most work vehicles carry work gear, and that gear can become a projectile coming from your backseat. Surveyors, in particular, take lots of equipment to and from their worksites from pelican cases, tools, and specialized instruments.


Dimensions & Part Number

Short Box 5-6’ Foot Bed SizeQAB-SBN 73” W x 79” L

Long Box 8’ Foot Bed Size   – QAB-LBN 99” W x 79” L

  • || Working Load Limit (WLL): 492lb

  • || Included with the net 4 Detachable tie-down straps to be used on each corner of the net and suitable for other tie-down applications where u may not be in use.
  • || Multiple connection points on the net to enable proper securement of the tie-down straps.
  • || 2” wide polyester seatbelt style webbing with industrial grade Box & Cross stitching.

Installation & Setup

  • Place your cargo evenly across the bed of your pickup truck. Place the Quarantine restraints system over your cargo and ensure is completely covered
  • Place your cargo evenly across the bed of your pickup truck.
  • Once the cargo has been covered, ad the 4 adjustable tie-downs straps on each of the four corners of the truck box. Depending on the size of the cargo, Quarantine restraints provides multiple anchor points to ensure cargo is secure evenly. Connect the tie-downs to the restraint with the provided climbing carabiners and the other end to the box anchor points.
  • If the materials being transported are smaller than the restraint webbing spacing, we recommend using the Quarantine Restraints Detachable mesh.
  • Tied evenly along the four points of securement.

Compliance & Working Load Limit

All components have undergone extensive testing to assure its break limit, durability and functionality while having stamped working load limit on all critical hardware components.  All products are DOT and NSCSS compliant.

Labels & Tags – Proper Working Load Limit sew-on tags are on both the restraint system (cargo net) and the detachable tie-down straps. Tie-down straps are labeled on their own in order to be compliant for use on their own without the net.


It’s incredibly important to us that ALL of your questions are answered. Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions we. If you feel like there are still questions left unanswered after reading through, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@qarmy.com

|| How do I store my restraints?

All Quarantine products come with a durable carrying case that we recommend that you properly store your net after each use. Proper storage of your products will greatly increase the lifespan of your net by eliminating prolong sun damage.

|| Where can I find replacement parts?

We offer a QR Accessory Pack that is has supplementary hardware for your restraints. Each Accessory Pack comes with 2 Tie-down Strap, 2 Carabiners and 2 Wrap Straps.

|| What is your warranty?

Quarantine offers a 100% guarantee on manufacturer’s defects. Please contact us directly or your dealer to receive complete information.

|| Do you make custom sized cargo nets?

You can contact us for custom sizing and configurations. We work directly with our customers to meet the special needs they might require. Our exterior restraints are designed to attach together to form larger oversize nets for flat deck or trailer applications. Our Interior Cargo Restraints System comes in one size, but can also be combined with another net to form a larger surface area.