Current legislation determines that all exterior cargo must be completely secured. A completely secured load is one where no cargo can become airborne or slide, shift, fall, sift onto the roadway. Alberta Transportation standards also prohibit the use of unmarked tie-downs, and apply to cargo both in and on vehicles. All of Quarantine’s cargo restraints are clearly marked and are also compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) and North American Cargo Securement Standards (NACSS).

Working Load Limits (WLLs) are the measurement for strength in the cargo net and restraint industry. The maximum load of an item is measured through testing and then divided by a Safety Factor Ratio to determine the WLL. Maximum loads are the amount of weight or tension any item can endure before breaking. Maximum loads are also known as breaking strength or Break Strength Capacity (BSC) of an item. View all details and video in our Ratings section.

Quarantine Restraints uses the same Safety Factor Ratio as the U.S. Cargo Control of 1/3 of the break strength or maximum load of an item, or 1/3 of the amount of load at which any component of the product broke when tested. Any detachable part on a restraint system must be marked independently with their specific WLL. Quarantine Restraints are comprised of more than one element, and the lowest WLL for each and every one determines the WLL of the entire group.

In accordance with the transportation industry’s standards all of the QR. components are clearly marked with their individual WLL

Both of Quarantine’s Interior and Exterior Restraint Systems comes standard with an easy-to-use carrying case. We recommend that you properly store your net after each use.

uarantine’s Accessory Pack can provide supplementary hardware for your restraints as well as extra connections for high, heavy or uneven loads.

Quarantine offers a 100 per cent guarantee on manufacturer’s defects. Please contact your local dealer for complete information.

We recommend washing your restraints by hand using mild household soap and water solution and let to air dry.

Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Restraint Systems were designed for both short- and long-bed pick up trucks. You may connect nets together using gear from our Accessory Pack to form a larger net. Our Interior Cargo Restraints System comes in one size, but can also be combined with another net to form a larger surface area.

Quarantine Restraints are made of 2” polyester seatbelt webbing and POM-A plastic with sun-resistant coating.

Contact Quarantine Restraints and we will find dealers in your area for you.

Follow these step-by-step instructions for properly fitting your vehicle with QR. Interior Cargo Restraints. Occasionally, a QR. Floor Mount Anchor may also need to be installed.