How to Clean Your Truck Bed and Cargo Net

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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cargo net, cargo netsEngineer-tested and certified, Quarantine Restraints’ Interior  and Exterior cargo nets are made from the highest quality materials. Our nets are constructed with two-inch polyester seatbelt webbing with a sun-resistant coating that is stabilized to resist UV light damage. POM-A (Polyoxymethylene) is a synthetic polymer – an engineered thermoplastic used by the automotive industry for parts that require heat-resistance, stiffness and stability, even when exposed to sunlight.

Whether you use your truck for recreational purposes or work, you’ve made an investment in your vehicle, and keeping it in good condition preserves its value by reducing depreciation. Keeping the bed clean is part of taking care of your investment.

Cleaning Your Truck Bed

Taking pride in a truck’s appearance is a common characteristic of truck-owners, and a little care once a week followed by a bit of a touch up will keep your truck bed in good condition.

Before taking the following steps to clean your truck bed, park on an incline to allow water to drain from the bed and ensure to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are safe for sewers:

  • Sweep – Remove your cargo net, contents, and tool box. After opening the tailgate use a soft, stiff broom to clear the bed of debris without scratching. Remember to sweep areas around the wheel-wells and corners.
  • Hose – Using a power-washer or pressurized hose, begin at the cab and wash out the bed, paying extra attention to wheel-wells and corners.
  • Scrubbing wand – Thoroughly soak the scrubbing wand in water first, then allow the water to drain off. Apply a mild soap or automotive-grade detergent (again, that is safe for sewers) to the wand, lather, and gently scrub the bed, again paying attention to wheel-wells and corners.
  • Rinse and dry – Ensure any soap has been rinsed off, and allow the bed to dry.
  • Touch up paint – Allow the bed to completely dry before applying a matched color touch up paint to your bed; you may also want to wax the bed to help prevent oxidation of the paint.

Care and Cleaning of Bedliners

A bedliner not only keeps your truck bed looking good, it also provides protection from damage to the body. Drop-in liners are made of rubber or plastic, the latter being more expensive. Spray-in liners are typically more expensive, more durable, and provide better protection from corrosion in coastal areas.

  • Spray-in bedliners – Easy-to-clean and providing a sleek appearance, simply rinse with water and use a soapy solution if required. Spray-in liners come in a variety of colors and UV-protection to prevent fading.
  • Drop-in bedliners – Easy to install, remove and clean, most drop-in bedliners are durable and provide decent protection against body damage. When not attached correctly or kept clean, some drop-in liners can scuff or scratch the paint underneath.

Cleaning of Your Quarantine Restraints Cargo Net

We recommend hand-washing your cargo net with a mild solution of household soap and water and allowing it to air-dry. To keep your Quarantine Restraints cargo net in excellent condition, we also recommend stowing your restraints when not in use to preserve the sun-resistant coating.

Quarantine Restraints Interior and Exterior Cargo Nets: Creating a New Industry Safety Standard

With easy care and cleaning, your Interior or Exterior Quarantine Restraints cargo net will provide you a lifetime of cargo securement. Quarantine provide complete restraint systems that are designed for both recreational and industrial applications. With the highest Complete Assembly Working Load Limit (WLL) available, Quarantine Restraints’ Interior or Exterior cargo nets are becoming the safety standard in many industries.

Please use our Dealer Locator to find a retailer near you, and feel free to Contact Us with your questions. Made from the highest quality materials, your Quarantine Restraints cargo net is designed to last.