Motocross Defined: Cargo Nets By Quarantine – Part 2

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Motocross DefinedThe developers of Quarantine Restraints are motorcycle and outdoor enthusiasts who design products based on market needs. In the first post of our two-part series titled Motocross Defined, we provided some fun facts about motocross and highlighted our exclusive cargo net wrap straps and tie-down technology, which are perfect for transporting motorbikes and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Just as there are important laws for unsecured cargo, there are also general rules every motocross rider must follow and special requirements for safety gear. An overview of general rules and required safety gear for motocross, can provide important information for amateurs, parents and veterans alike.

Quarantine Restraints Cargo Net Wrap Strap and Tie-Down Technology

Unlike traditional cargo net set-ups with ratchet strap components that can be difficult to use and with straps that fray and weaken, your Quarantine exterior cargo net includes:

  • Flow-Strap (FS) tie-downs for attachment at all four corners
  • Quick and easy to adjust buckles on the FS tie-downs
  • Heavy-duty carabiners clip on, operate smoothly, and keep your bike or ATV secure

Our exclusive wrap straps are available as a separate accessory, and are perfect for holding down bikes.

General Rules for All Motocross Riders

While individual tracks post their own rules that you must adhere to, the following are generally enforced at most tracks:

Yellow Flags: Indicate a hazard on the track. Riders are responsible for identifying and avoiding the problem. Observe flaggers carefully, as they often direct you to a specific side of the track. Passing is permitted under a yellow flag; however, you must use extreme caution.

Red Cross Flags: Used when a more serious hazard exists or when a rider needs assistance. No passing is permitted in an area where a Red Cross Flag is displayed, and exceeding the speed limit, passing another rider, endangering or hitting a track worker, medical technician, or fallen rider will result in penalties.

Cutting the Track: If riders leave the designated track for any reason, they are required to return to the point where they exited to reenter. Riders are penalized a minimum of one position; however, cutting may result in penalties of more than one position.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Includes the use of profanities and obscene gestures, underhanded tricks and fighting. Penalties include disqualification or suspension from racing. If rider attempts to start a fight, you are required to do whatever you need to do to avoid the rider.

Going Down: Never wait for crew to move your bike; their job is to alert other riders and prevent them from hitting you. If you are uninjured, you are responsible for getting yourself and your bike off the track.

Required Safety Gear

  • Helmets: All riders need high-quality helmets and full-face helmets offer the best protection from both front and side impacts. Straps should snug and secure to protect you if you go down.
  • Goggles: A requirement at most tracks, it’s a good idea try various brands to ensure they fit comfortably under your helmet.
  • Boots: If you plan to race, boots that cover your ankles are required.
  • Chest and Back Protectors: Also known as body armor, this gear protects you from the impact of hard dirt clods and small rocks thrown up from the tires of other riders and helps protect you from impact injuries in a collision.
  • Clothing: Some track require leathers, knee pads are a must, and elbow pads are recommended.

Important Information For Parents

In the sport of motocross, pushing too hard can result in injury to your child or other riders. It’s important to allow your child to progress at his or her own rate.

Remember the most important thing in motocross is to have fun while learning important life skills, including:

  • Discipline
  • Self-determination
  • The importance of setting goals and being prepared
  • Personal responsibility

Your child will learn that reaching goals takes hard work and determination, and how to enjoy the satisfaction that results when goals are met.

Quarantine Restraints: Innovation in Cargo Net Tie-Down Technology

Quarantine Restraints’ tie-downs are guaranteed to secure tightly and keep your bike or ATV secure. Our innovative tie-down design is a standard feature of every Quarantine exterior cargo net! Accessories include wrap strap extenders to increase the versatility of your securement system.

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