New Use For Quarantine Cargo Nets…Pumpkin Lifting!

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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New Use For Quarantine Cargo Nets…Pumpkin Lifting!At Quarantine Restraints we love hearing about how our cargo nets are working for you in the field and your personal life. Any feedback we get is always appreciated! If you are currently using Quarantine Restraints and have a story you would like to share,  please do so. And send your pictures, too!

Thanks to one of Alberta’s entrepreneurs, we recently discovered a brand-new use for Quarantine cargo nets. We have to admit even we didn’t think of this when we were designing our restraints! We would like to send a sincere thanks to Kane Richardson of Fairview for opening our eyes to another function for Quarantine cargo nets. Welcome to the world of pumpkin lifting!

Talented farmers, gardeners and hobbyists around the world challenge themselves yearly to cultivate the biggest, most robust fruit or vegetable they can. Richardson grows pumpkins. Pictured here is Richardson’s colossal yield of this year, which was grown on a garden spot measuring 30 ft. by 20 ft. on his property. Richardson used mainly organic fertilizer and lots of water, he says, to nurture his pumpkin towards reaching its greatest size potential. His mammoth piece of fruit – yes, pumpkins are a fruit – weighs in at a total of 479.2 lbs.!

New Use For Quarantine Cargo Nets…Pumpkin Lifting!Richardson says, “As for growing the giant I try to control the environment as much as possible,” he says, and he borrowed a set of Quarantine Restraints for his first competition of the year in Devon. “I was very impressed at how great it worked,” he says. Richardson used four Flow-Strap (FS) tie-downs at each corner of the cargo net to weigh the pumpkin using a standard sling lift configuration.

Richardson’s pumpkin won handily, more than doubling the closest competitor of 225.8 lbs.! See the video on YouTube here.

The province’s largest Pumpkin Fair and Weigh-Off happens each year at Smoky Lake, and Richardson once again entered his pumpkin against the competition on October 5, 2013. He finished seventh, a respectable showing, The winning pumpkin weighed in at a mammoth 1,200 lbs.!

With the highest Complete Assembly Break Test Working Load Limit (WLL)  in the industry at 1,967 lbs., Quarantine Restraints could have lifted BOTH pumpkins…plus lots more fruits and vegetables.

Although pumpkin lifting wasn’t exactly what we had in mind when we developed our cargo nets, we are pleased to see just how well they performed in this never-before-thought-of employment. We used the highest quality components we could find or create to make our restraints systems the toughest, easiest to use and most versatile available. Our client testimonials depict just how adaptable Quarantine products are.

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