Quarantine’s Interior Vehicle Restraint Systems can protect you and your passengers from cargo inside the cab during a sudden stop, or crash.
A 2012 report by the U.S. Air Force quantifies the dangers of loose interior cargo:“At 55 miles and hour, a 20-pound object hits with 1,000 pounds of force”.
The National Highway Transportation Administration recently reported that vehicle collision rates and severity are on the rise. This is due to conge sted highways, vehicles traveling at higher speeds, and distracted drivers.
Our interior restraint systems are designed to keep your cargo from moving in the event of a sudden stop or crash. They protect passengers and cargo from harm.


Interior Cargo Restraints


Quarantine’s Interior Vehicle Restraint Systems can protect you and your passengers from cargo inside the cab during a sudden stop, or crash.


Our Interior Restraint system was designed for safety against backseat cargo from becoming projectiles in sudden stop or accident situation.

We serve a variety of industries with our in-cab securement system from oil & gas, survey to government Utilities. Our products surpass all job site safety standards and are compliant to DOT regulations pertaining to certified cargo securement.

Unsecured loose cargo regulations are being implemented throughout Government to the private sector and the dangers of Loose Cargo within work vehicles are now becoming a serious concern.  

Most work vehicles carry work gear, and that gear can become a projectile coming from your backseat. Many work vehicles take lots of equipment to and from their worksites from pelican cases, tools, and specialized instruments. Our restraints are not just for the workplace but for the everyday drivers also as our lives become more busy we definitely neglect serious safety concerns just from carrying unsecured packages, backpacks, and sports equipment.

When considering that objects inside a moving vehicle become 30x their weight in a crash or sudden stop, it gives reason to why tickets and fines are now being issued for unsecured cargo.


Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Restraints connect to the truck bed using four provided adjustabletie-down straps equipped with unique length adjusting hardw are and quick connect carabiners.The of the exterior cargo restraint system adjust to 50 inches for extra-high loads and the detachable design allow for a wide range of tie-down applications. You can choose from three different suggested connector points on the Exterior Cargo Restraint System to enable proper securement of larger to smaller cargo loads. The exterior cargo restraint is proven to reduce setup time and provide exceptional ease of use in comparison to other products on the market.

  • Exterior Cargo Restraints FS Tie Down Buckle

Exterior Cargo Restraints


Quarantine’s Exterior Vehicle Restraint Systems to enable proper securement of larger to smaller cargo loads


Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Net is designed to provide optimal coverage and securement to cargo within pickup truck box, utility trailer and general cargo restraint applications.

The cargo net offers multiple connection points for the Tie-down straps enabling a secure fit to varying size loads and with the ability to remove the Tie-down straps and connect to different areas of the net it greatly increases the size adjustment range for the largest of load to the smallest.

Our exterior cargo net system is designed to eliminate the serious danger unsecured cargo can cause on public roads, highways and worksites. Trusted and used by leading fleets from government utility sector, oil & gas, surveyors, construction and many other commercial organizations. The nets are the highest rated light duty vehicle nets on the market and provide exceptional ease of use in all environments.

The Quarantine Cargo Nets are built from high grade 2” Polyester Webbing with UV Sun Protection treatment allowing the net to be long lasting in the harshest of conditions and designed for the most rugged commercial use. Each webbing strand is meticulously stitched together with an industrial grade Box & Cross stitch pattern providing exceptional strength.

Ask about your optional accessories such as Detachable Rip-Stop Mesh that can be attached to the cargo net providing increased containment of smaller objects. Also an upgraded version of our cargo nets are offered that incorporate the sewn on mesh to underside of the cargo offering the same assurance as the detachable mesh accessory.