Product Load Ratings and Documents


Cargo Net Testing Definitions to determine Product Load Ratings The strength of cargo nets is commonly determined by two separate testing methods to determine the product load ratings:

  1. Weakest Component Break Test – Test conducted by using a calibrated hydraulic ram to break each component systematically in a controlled environment.
  2. Complete Assembly Break Test – Test conducted by stressing all components equally until failure point. For this test the break limit is determined on complete assembly.

Break Limit: This number is determined by the amount of tension, pressure or weight it takes to “break” any component or the complete assembly of the tested subject.

Safety Factor: To determine the Working Load Limit (WLL) rating of a cargo net, sling or tie down, a Safety Factor is used. This number is set by the industry and is divided into the break limit of the product. Three is the industry standard Safety Factor for rating a cargo net, sling or tie down.

Break Limit ÷ 3 = Working Load Limit (WLL)

A Safety Factor of 3 is the standard for complying to NSC 10 legislation and the industry standard for rating a cargo net, sling or tie down.