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The Quarantine Accessory Pack contains accessories to replace missing or lost hardware or a valuable addition to your cargo restraint gear. Pack includes: 2 Tie-down Straps 2 Carabiners 2 Wrap-Straps Protective carrying case The extra Tie-down straps are independently rated and have Working Load Limit labels providing DOT & NSCSS compliance, to be used with or without the cargo nets. Wrap-straps contained are designed to be used with Tie-down straps to enable attachment to oversize objects such as pipes, lumber or motorcycle handle bars. Loop of one end of strap connects to Tie-down strap and wrap around the object and then back to itself for connection. The Carabiners bring versatility to any job and can be used for many applications. With a breaking strength exceeding 3000 lbs and low rated Working Load Limit stamp of 492 lbs enables the carabiners to be used for automotive use and meet DOT & NSC compliance. Accessories are contained in uniquely designed protective carrying case that is equipped to connect to Quarantine’s cargo net storage case making an all-in-one system, keeping your gear all together ready for use.