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Depending on your Interior Restraint, you will need to choose the correct Bar Kit option.  If you are purchasing a ‘new’ QAB-IRN it will be New Gen 2, And choose Gen 1 if your Restraint is the original design before the restraint upgrade.

To know if you have a New Gen 2 Restraint it would have new ‘Sleeve Pockets’ for the Suspension Bars to slide in, along with a few more improvements.

The Suspension Bar Kit is designed to be used with our QAB-IRN – Light Truck Interior Restraint as a second bar to suspend the restraint behind the headrests of the front seats creating an open ‘Cavity’ setup.

Please note that the QAB-IRN only comes with 1 Suspension Bar, and the second one is an optional upgrade.



What’s Included

Confirm What Bar You Need
The diagram here will help you know what Suspension Bar you need.
The Suspension Bar is designed to be used with the QR. Interior Restraint system - QAB-IRN. Enabling the restraint to evenly suspend above your gear.
Overview of Suspension Bars
See Overview of Bars installed on Interior Restraint System
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New Gen 2 Suspension Bar
Included are the aluminum Suspension Bar and Carrying bag.
4 part bar that can be connected to generate your desired length.
Gen 1 Suspension Bar
Included are the Suspension Bar, Carrying bag, along with a 'Detachable Sleeve' that will be used to house the Suspension Bar and attach to the Interior Restraint as the Gen 1 Restraints did not have the new Sleeve Pockets.
The bar has 4 sections (3 long sections 14” and one 7” section) to be used in conjunction to your desired installation requirements.
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