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Cargo Net

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Designed To Withstand The Harshest Conditions And Uniquely Equipped With 4 Detachable Tie-Down Straps That Can Be Used With Or Without The Net As Rated Tie-Down Straps For All Kinds Of Applications. With The Provided Storage Case You Will Have A Durable Storage Solution For Your Net When Not In Use, Each Storage Case Has Oversized Zippers And Various Cargo Pockets To Hold Your Gear How You Like It.



What’s Included

Ease of Use
We utilized premium hardware components throughout our restraint systems, such as our versatile lightweight aluminum carabiners for quick and easy connection to your vehicle, compared to metal snap-hooks you would see on most tie-down straps.
Versatile Performance
Designing a cargo net that stood out in all aspects was not an easy accomplishment. A big issue with most cargo nets was the ability to make the net bigger or smaller and we met this challenge by designing the 4 tiedown straps - FlowStrap Arms to be removed and connected to any part of the net instantly changing the size of the net to handle any size cargo load.
Our line of exterior restraints has industry-leading certification with stamped working load limits on all critical & removable hardware components exceed DOT and NSCSS compliance. All components have undergone extensive testing to assure its break limit, durability and functionality.
Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Net is designed to provide optimal coverage and securement to cargo within pickup truck box, utility trailers and general cargo restraint applications. The cargo net offers multiple connection points for the Tie-down straps enabling a secure fit to varying size loads and the ability to remove the Tie-down straps and connect to different areas of the net it greatly increases the size adjustment range for the largest of loads to the smallest.
With the increase in safety fines pertaining to unsecured vehicle cargo, we were driven to design an industry-leading product that would meet all regulations and also be extremely user-friendly.
We are all off-road enthusiasts and truck owners ourselves and understood what it would take to make a great cargo net after using various ones out there.
Being from Alberta Canada we were lucky to have a solid testing ground for our products with the oil & gas industry in our backyard. There isn’t a tougher testing ground then guys from the rigs that put everything they use through the paces and are definitely open to giving you their two cents whether you want to hear it or not.
We also had product input from every level of management including leading fleet safety directors that brought insight to many features we would not have thought about when considering how large organizations would use our securement products.
Our attention was put first on usability and we understood that if no one wanted to use our products it doesn’t matter how compliant or safe it would be. The issues we always have seen were nets that simply would not tighten on top of your cargo load especially if you had varying size loads. We found we need to have the corner tie-down strap detach from the net and that would let you make the net as small or big as you wanted by connecting the straps inward or outward on the net.
Next, we rated both the net and the tie-down straps separately so they could be used together or by themselves. This was a game-changer when it came to making a full securement system that you could use and configure any way you wanted.
Certifying the product set the stage for our new line or Quarantine Restraints and we created the most stringent testing methods still used in the industry today. And we are proud to now be the chosen cargo net in the market and used by leading organizations throughout North America.
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