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We Are Proud Distributor Of PLX-HCR Products And Offer These High-Grade Aluminum Floor Mount Anchor For Use In Various Applications. These Floor Mount Anchors Are Extremally Strong And Have A Breaking Strength Over 5000lbs Makes For Extremely Versatile Mount. When Unique Tiedown Applications Are Needed You Can Be Sure These Mounts Will Meet And Exceed Your Requirements. Use This Mount With 3/8-Inch Or 10-Millimetre Bolts Large Radius Edges Protect Carabiners Very High Corrosion Resistance Eye Can Take More Than One Carabiner

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Floor Mount Anchor
We are proud distributor of PLX-HCR products and offer these high-grade aluminum floor mount anchor for use in various applications. These floor mount anchors are extremally strong and have a breaking strength over 5000lbs makes for extremely versatile mount. When unique tiedown applications are needed you can be sure these mounts will meet and exceed your requirements. Use this mount with 3/8-inch or 10-millimetre bolts large radius edges protect carabiners Very high corrosion resistance Eye can take more than one carabiner
From extra Carabiners for added connection points to floor mount anchors and Tie-down straps, we offer a selection of accessories that can be purchased on their own to accommodate your new or existing cargo management products.
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