Interior Cargo Restraints

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  • 26 Feb 2019
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Quarantine’s Interior Vehicle Restraint Systems can protect you and your passengers from cargo inside the cab during a sudden stop, or crash.

*QAB-IBA Not Included*


Our Interior Restraint system was designed for safety against backseat cargo from becoming projectiles in sudden stop or accident situation.

We serve a variety of industries with our in-cab securement system from oil & gas, survey to government Utilities. Our products surpass all job site safety standards and are compliant to DOT regulations pertaining to certified cargo securement.

Unsecured loose cargo regulations are being implemented throughout Government to the private sector and the dangers of Loose Cargo within work vehicles are now becoming a serious concern.  

Most work vehicles carry work gear, and that gear can become a projectile coming from your backseat. Many work vehicles take lots of equipment to and from their worksites from pelican cases, tools, and specialized instruments. Our restraints are not just for the workplace but for the everyday drivers also as our lives become more busy we definitely neglect serious safety concerns just from carrying unsecured packages, backpacks, and sports equipment.

When considering that objects inside a moving vehicle become 30x their weight in a crash or sudden stop, it gives reason to why tickets and fines are now being issued for unsecured cargo.