Short Box Restraint With Mesh

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  • 15 Mar 2019
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  • Exterior Cargo Restraints
  • Exterior Cargo Restraints


The Quarantine Cargo Nets are built from high grade 2” Polyester Webbing with UV Sun Protection treatment allowing the net to be long lasting in the harshest of conditions and designed for the most rugged commercial use. Each webbing strand is meticulously stitched together with an industrial grade Box & Cross stitch pattern providing exceptional strength.

Ask about your optional accessories such as Detachable Rip-Stop Mesh that can be attached to the cargo net providing increased containment of smaller objects. Also an upgraded version of our cargo nets are offered that incorporate the sewn on mesh to underside of the cargo offering the same assurance as the detachable mesh accessory.


Quarantine Restraints sets the standard for cargo securement. Quarantine’s truck and trailer exterior cargo restraints serve a variety of applications with in the oil and gas industry, survey and seismic sectors, as well as government & Utilities. Our products surpass all job site safety standards and are compliant to DOT regulations pertaining to certified cargo securement.