Short Box Cargo Net

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The Quarantine Exterior Restraint Systems are designed with the highest level of safety in mind for the transportation of goods in your truck be. The Quarantine Long Box Restraint System (79” x 73”) is the perfect securement accessory for your truck. Quarantine securement system serves a variety of industries from oil & gas, surveying, to government and utilities. Our products surpass all job site safety standards and are compliant with DOT and NSCSS regulations pertaining to cargo securement. Unsecured cargo regulations are being implemented throughout the government and private sector as the dangers of loose cargo within work vehicles are becoming a serious concern.


Ease of Use
We took certain components from the climbing industry such as our oversize Carabiners to make the most versatile and easy to use cargo net on the market. If the net was being set up in the cold winter environments or rain & muddy the components needed to be easy to handle and function in all conditions.
Versatile Performance
Designing a cargo net that stood out in all aspects was not an easy accomplishment. A big issue with most cargo nets was the ability to make the net bigger or smaller and we met this challenge by designing the 4 tiedown straps - FlowStrap Arms to be removed and connected to any part of the net instantly changing the size of the net to handle any size cargo load.
Our line of exterior restraints has industry-leading certification with stamped working load limits on all critical & removable hardware components exceed DOT and NSCSS compliance. All components have undergone extensive testing to assure its break limit, durability and functionality.
Multi-Purpose design
The Quarantine System is designed for multi-purpose functionality. It can be used in whole as a robust cargo securement system for your truck bed, or in part by utilizing the tie-down straps individually in multiple configurations. Each component is individually designed to meet securement regulations with WLL labels
Our exterior cargo nets have official stamped working load limits on all critical & removable hardware components that exceed DOT and NSCSS requirements. Sew-on tags are on both the restraint system and detachable tie-down straps providing easy to see ratings to compliance officers.
Ratings & Strength
As regulations are constantly getting more stringent we have increased the strength and durability of all aspects of our cargo nets. And with industry required ⅓ safety factor we exceed higher load ratings when compared to any other product in this category.
Design Features
Uniquely designed to attach to your vehicle beds OEM anchor point, Quarantine Restraint Systems allow for maximum flexibility in installation. With multiple tie-down connection points allowing for a large variety of installations, our systems are built to ensure coverage for virtually any load.
Constructed with a combination of 2” Polyester high-strength webbing with optional interlocking small durable-mesh, Quarantine Restraint Systems are built to outperform all other products in their category.
Cost To Benefit
The cost of ownership Quarantine Restraint Systems far outweighs the expensive fines for unsecured cargo, cargo secured by non-compliant nets, loss or damage of your load, or even worse, injury to occupants or other drivers and passengers on the road.