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Quarantine’s New SUV Interior Restraints is designed to keep backseat & hatch cargo from becoming dangerous projectiles in a sudden stop or crash. Designed specifically for Sport Utility Vehicles to contain gear in the back hatch area providing optimal safety for drivers and passengers.



What’s Included

Pack It & Forget About It
For serious Work Fleets that need the best, to Sports Teams & Outdoor Adventure, you can be sure that when you put your gear in the back it will be there when you get to where you're going!
Contoured Fit & Design
We took the fundamental concept of our current Pro Series In-Vehicle Barrier Restraints to make a purpose-built SUV design that encloses your back hatch like no other product on the market.
Durable & Trusted
We understood that organizations are now moving to smaller vehicles but the requirements still had to stay the same, safety needed to stay a top priority. So we cut no corners who makes the best product on the market to cater to cargo containers within your SUV.
Our Interior Restraint System Was Designed For Safety Against Backseat Cargo From Becoming Projectiles In Sudden Stop Or Accident Situation. We Serve A Variety Of Industries With Our In-Cab Securement System From Oil & Gas, Survey To Government Utilities. Our Products Surpass All Job Site Safety Standards And Are Compliant To DOT Regulations Pertaining To Certified Cargo Securement.
Our line of Sport Utility Restraints was a natural progression from our existing interior securement division. Customers were pushing us to develop a smaller vehicle specific restraint design and so we didn’t hesitate, we definitely couldn’t deny that there are more SUV’s on the road then ever before.
Our design can be utilized in both as hatch setup or configured over the back seating area providing even more securement options. We inclosed the restraint with durable nylon Cordura with interlocked with high-grade polyester webbing to assure high load strength and long durability.
When installed in either configuration there is no zero visibility lost with a full view out the back window, and utilized high rated fixed points within the vehicle to attach our system.
With the ongoing safety regulations put on the worksite and within organizations, we are proud to grow our line of interior restraints to meet the need. We are already getting great reviews from the non-corporate users of our products ranging from baseball coaches carrying gear to bow hunters preparing for the bush, all wanting that extra level of safety to keep their gear confidently back where they put it.
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Included in your kit are all the necessary components you will need to properly set up your restraint with no modifications needed to your vehicle. - Main Restraint Barrier - 2 Adjustable Straps - 2 Suspension Bars, Connector Straps, and attachment hardware - Durable Storage Case
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