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The industry-leading Quarantine® In-Vehicle Securement System was designed to protect driver & passenger from the dangers of unsecured gear inside the vehicle.  Offering peace of mind to you and your team in the event of a sudden stop or accident situation. Our soft barrier restraint net connects directly to your existing seatbelt system and is installed in minutes. Easy to remove from one vehicle to another while covering a wide range of vehicle models.  Designed with industry experts and real operators in the field, with the user in mind. 
We are confident you will get the most safety & value from our restraints than any other in-vehicle securement product of its kind!



What’s Included

When considering that objects inside a moving vehicle become 30x their weight in a crash or sudden stop, it gives the reason why safety fines are now being issued for unsecured cargo within the vehicle You can be sure our products surpass all job site safety standards & are compliant with DOT & NSCSS Regulations.
Our Interior Restraint was designed for organizations that demand the highest safety standards for their team and is trusted by our vast range of customers expanding through all industries where safety & compliance is a top priority.
With extensive trial testing and design enhancements, we set functionality and safety as a top priority. We utilize the vehicle's seat belt system as anchor points as it provides optimal points of attachment. An intuitive and straightforward installation taking less than 10 minutes!
Our Interior Restraint System Was Designed For Safety Against Backseat Cargo From Becoming Projectiles In Sudden Stop Or Accident Situation. We Serve A Variety Of Industries With Our In-Cab Securement System From Oil & Gas, Survey To Government Utilities. Our Products Surpass All Job Site Safety Standards And Are Compliant To DOT Regulations Pertaining To Certified Cargo Securement.
After a number of years building our exterior restraint line of cargo nets we had a number of fleet managers come to us to bring attention to a safety concern they were having within their organization, employees getting seriously injured from work gear flying forward in hitting the driver
We worked with the team to design the first In-cab cargo restraint that would connect to the existing backseat seat belt system. The new design was a hybrid cargo net with premium features that enabled anyone to easily install the restraint into a vehicle with minimal effort with no drilling or modifications needed.
At the time the only other type of in-cab restraint on the market was expensive permanent bolt on barriers such as the plexiglass style or metal ones you would see in police cars.
We are proud to make a real difference in personal safety with our line of Interior products that we have since extended our line into various styles covering light duty truck, Sport Utility, and School buses.
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