R1 Utility Restraint – 60 x 40

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The Quarantine UTV Cargo Nets brings a new approach to off-road cargo containment with a specialized line of Quads & All-Terrain vehicles. Developed for both the stringent demands of commercial fleets and rugged off-road recreational use. Designed with no removable components and adjust like no other cargo net in the industry.


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Purpose Built
Most Utility Vehicles / UTV and Side-by-Sides are equipped with an open cargo box and a cargo restraint is a near must contain your gear. Our net will also eliminate the need for extra ratchet straps and tie-downs as its an all in one design.
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Labels & Compliance
Not typically seen with off-road accessories we made a goal to properly rate our line of nets with the same criteria as we would for our vehicle securement products. Easy to see Working Load labels - WLL will keep you and your team compliant with all regulations.
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Design & Components
The restaurant has a unique 6-piece integrated cam-buckle design that enables you to gather, cinch and tie down the net in a number of key areas providing exceptional performance in the harshest conditions.
Nothing Removable
We designed the net with no removable hardware to minimize the loss of any components for you’re in an off-road or backcountry environment it’s a must to return with the gear you went in with. A video showing a comparison to similar products that do have removable pieces compared to this product might be good to show.
Durable Mesh
For extra strength and durability we used a 1.5” High grade polyester seatbelt webbing in combination with tight woven nylon mesh holding the largest to smallest of gear.
The locking corner hooks provide sure-lock attachment to your cargo box and they’re easy to grab with or without gloves on.
Unique Size Adjusting
It's a must-see design, providing a very reliable tie-down design with a mix of locking cam buckles and tightening straps providing exact fit over the smallest and largest load
Eliminate Bungee Cords
We know what it’s like to carry gear especially off-road, we let you eliminate the annoying ratchet straps and bungee cords it used to take to hold your gear down all with this one product
Industrial Design
Build from the same high-grade materials as our vehicle cargo restraints, you can be sure your net will be durable, functional and last through the harshest conditions.
The Quarantine UTV Cargo Nets bring a new approach to off-Road cargo Containment With A Specialized Line Of Quads & All-Terrain Vehicles. Developed For Both The Stringent Demands Of Commercial Fleets and Recreational use.

We wanted to bring this design out for some time and always envisioned a cargo net having the ability to act more like a network of tiedown straps than a traditional net.  Its creative tightening system will change the way you look at a cargo net and wonder why they aren’t all made this way.

Our team knows offroad and one of the biggest complaints we always had in a cargo net is that they couldn’t tighten on the small loads while also having the ability to expand on the large load. I know that might not sound important if you haven’t been in a situation to use a net in general but let me say it separates a valuable net to one better suited as a paperweight.  We took that into account with this design and are proud to say our net will go from its maximum size down to 70% of its size just by its unique design.

Size “60 x 40”

  • sam (store manager)

    No my crappy nets for me, I have been looking for a proper cargo net for my offroad machines. Great design and awesome how it work.. I give it a definite recommendation!

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