Quarantine Cargo Nets: Endurocross Canada Coming This Summer 

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Endurocross Canada Coming This Summer Big fans of motorbikes, the folks at Quarantine Restraints cargo nets are keeping up to date about Endurocross and events. Endurocross Canada is coming to Alberta this summer!

A popular hybrid sport, Endurocross is an exciting kind of off-road dirt bike racing. A blend of Super-cross and Enduro racing, Endurocross events are typically held indoors on courses similar to trials tracks. These man-made courses incorporate various features to test skills such as sand, rocks, boulders, logs, fallen trees and water-holes surrounded by mud. While lower than those used in super-cross, endurocross courses are much faster than trials courses and you’ll encounter large obstacles such as huge truck tires. Fans enjoy watching the sport indoors and riders often crash, but with proper protective gear — We think Eudurocross is one of the best things since sliced bread!

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A Brief History of Endurocross

Indoor Endurocross made its debut in 2000 as a supporting event to the Barcelona Trial Indoor. In 2004, when the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) celebrated its Centenary, Endurocross was born. It quickly spread to other cities across Europe.

In North America, Endurocross was officially established by Eric Peronnard, who established the United States Open of Motocross and the Super-cross Paris-Bercy. Before expanding to the AMA Endurocross Championships in 2007, events were held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2008, the AMA/Maxxis Endurocross Championship Series moved to the state of Ohio and was held in the Value City Arena at Ohio State University and at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus. In 2011 and 2012, AMA Endurocross became part of the X Games Los Angeles. The first Women’s Endurocross final took place during X Games in 2012. In 2013, the summer X Games also featured endurocross events.

At the Vancouver Motorcycle Show in 2012, some of the best Endurocross riders showed up to conquer course. Quarantine Restraints, North America’s most trusted cargo nets provider, is eagerly awaiting for Endurocross events coming to Alberta in 2014!

Endurocross Canada Coming This Summer

There are two parts to Endurocross events, the trials and the race, and two CXCC West Events are scheduled in Alberta this summer:

  • July 5, 2014, in Old Man River, AB (Shale Shaker)
  • July 6, 2014, Old Man River, AB (Shale Shaker)

View other scheduled World Enduro Canada Events or contact the WEC for more information.

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