Quarantine Cargo Nets: How to Avoid a Road Debris Accident

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Quarantine Cargo Nets: How Avoid a Road Debris AccidentRoad debris comes in many shapes and forms. We’ve all seen everything from luggage to kitchen appliances abandoned at the sides of highways, and it’s common to wonder about the story behind them. How, exactly, did they end up there?

By far the most usual culprits for road debris are personal or commercial cargo-hauling vehicles such as light-duty trucks. Unsecured items in truck beds are easily flung free by even a very minor bump in the road. There are severe penalties and fines legislated throughout North America for those who fail to secure their cargo properly, and they are levied upon everyone from the occasional camper whose cooler they forgot about is bounced onto the highway to the professional oil field worker who shows up at the job site to realize that half of their cargo is missing. Unfortunately, it is usually the person driving behind them that pays the highest price.

Prevent accidents before they happen with Quarantine Restraints. By far the most versatile, easy to use and comprehensive cargo net system available, Quarantine Restraints has created cargo netting that is so simple yet multi-functional you will look forward to when you get to use it. The only engineer-certified cargo nets on the market, Quarantine boasts the highest strength rating in the industry. Compare us to the others here! 

How to Avoid a Road Debris Accident

You’re driving along and suddenly an item is ejected from the truck bed of the vehicle in front of you. What do you do?

Road debris-related accidents have a tendency be very serious. Alert drivers react quickly, but unfortunately a fast response isn’t always the most ideal. Even if you are travelling at a rather low speed, a hasty swerve is likely to cause your vehicle to spin out or even roll. Then the other vehicles on the road become obstacles, too, and the opportunity for a multi-car collision increases rapidly.

Tips For Keeping You and Your Fellow Drivers Safe

  • If you are behind a vehicle with an unsecured load, keep your distance and stay aware. When you are able, attempt to change lanes and pass or fall back to a safe distance.
  •  Always watch at least 12 seconds ahead down the road and ensure you have an escape route ready. You should always be able to safely pull over to a shoulder, median, or other lane except for when passing another vehicle.
  • Be able to make a decision and stick with it. Sometimes, if the item is smaller and lighter, it is better to just go ahead and hit it rather than try to evade it.
  •  Avoid distractions when driving on highways or routes where road debris is likely, such as major trans-national freeways.
  • Never allow someone to stay in your blind spot. Either speed up or slow down so that you each have enough room to maneuver.

If you encounter road debris that should be removed, take the time to report it to the authorities in charge of the roadway. That way they can see that it is safely removed. As well, many states and provinces post road signs indicating the correct number to call if you spot a vehicle with an unsecured load. If you have not seen a sign, however, you may also call the local authorities in such a case.

Remember to pull over when you make your call. It is illegal in many places across North America to use cellular telephones while driving.

Don’t Lose Your Load

Keep the people immediately behind you and those down the road safe from unsecured cargo and always properly restrain your load. Quarantine’s cargo net system connects to truck beds bed using four detachable and adjustable straps with extra-wide, super-sturdy carabiners on each end for quick connections. The straps use Flow-Strap (FS) extender hardware that was designed and created exclusively by Quarantine. They adjust to 50 inches for extra-high loads and their detachable nature allows for a wide range of tie-down applications. You can even store your net in your storage case and just use the FS tie-downs for awkward items such as a lawnmower, motorcycle or ATV. Add our Accessory Pack for two more straps, two more carabiners and two more S-Hooks for larger and heavier loads and to provide replacement parts for your restraints.

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