General Safety Warnings

Prior to installing and using any Quarantine product, carefully read and follow all instructions, warnings and safety information that accompany or that are contained with the product.

It is the owner or user’s responsibility to evaluate the suitability of any and all truck safety accessories, cargo securing devices or other product for any particular need or application. Check all applicable industry, trade association, federal, state and local regulations for compliance.

All ratings referenced on Quarantine’s interior and exterior cargo nets are for products in new condition. Age, wear, damage, deterioration and environmental exposure can greatly reduce strength. All products should be regularly inspected and any worn, cut, aged, damaged, misused, overused or improperly maintained component should be replaced immediately.

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*** Failure to follow instructions and warnings or proper use, care and inspection criteria may result in cargo damage, severe personal injury or death. These products are used entirely at the user’s risk. Use of these products demonstrates understanding of the warnings and the risks involved. ***