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Industry Leading In-Vehicle Cargo Management System

Designed to eliminate the dangers caused by unsecured gear inside the vehicle.

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Eliminate Risk & Corporate Liability

Our Interior Restraint System has been purpose-built to eliminate the serious dangers your team faces when carrying gear inside their vehicle. 

Our Interior Restraint System has been purpose-built to eliminate the serious dangers your team faces when carrying gear inside their vehicle. 

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Designed for
Commercial Fleets

When you consider your cargo could come at you with a force of 30X its weight in a sudden stop or crash, we knew we needed to come up with a solution.

Designed for commercial fleets to eliminate dangers to employees and reduce liabilities to the employers. Now used by many of the top companies throughout North America.

Our Value & Safety Mission

Incredibly Safe
DOT & NCSS Compliant & Designed
in collaboration with
industry experts

“492 lbs WILL (working load limit)”

Best On The Market

We’ve designed cargo restraints for 10+ years. We know what it takes to make an industry-leading product.

“Trust our dedication and expertise”

Certified and Trusted

Built with high grade materials, and tested and engineer certified for all jobsite & public roads compliance.

“Designed for tough environments” 

What Our Trusted Clients Are Saying About Us

Are saying about our products


“We have used many general cargo nets over the years and when we came across Quarantine’s Interior Restraint and there is a reason they don’t call it a ‘cargo net’, this product is a serious safety restraint system unlike anything we have seen on the market. The quality is seen the second you pull it out of the case. Our company would not put our team’s safety in any other product.”


“Our company mandated either a no cargo in the cab policy or had to find a certified solution to present them, and that’s how we came across the unique product Quarantine provides. Our team was worried about the guys not wanting to use them, but we were pleasantly happy to find out that everyone gravitated to them with little to no resistance. Now we outfit our complete teams.”


Our fleet are all outfitted in Quarantine’s Interior Restraints and we got them because one of our guys got a head injury by a toolkit flying forward in a slow speed rollover on our work sites. That’s when we got set up with the Interior Restraint and we know they work because not long after one of our other guys had nearly the same accident and the restraint caught all the loose flying cargo.

Our Customers

& What Got Us Her

Power & Utility Industry

“Working with leading Power & Utility companies such as Ontario’s Canada’s Hydro-One.
It enabled us to learn how world-class vehicle safety programs are managed & how our Interior Restraints meet the needs of their operators and management teams”.

Construction &
Natural Resources

“We worked directly with ConocoPhillips safety team to come up with the concept of our Interior Restraint system and then equipped many of their teams vehicles.
They came to us to develop a restraint for the inside of their vehicles to address a number of serious accidents within their team”.

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The Reason we
Created the Product

Our work with Power & Utility &
Natural Resource Teams

” A costumers brought to us a situation they faced, a serious vehicle accident that happened to one of their guys. A rollover of a pickup on a deactivated, but there was a power-tool on the floor of the backseat.

That tool nearly killed the driver, and the company needed to find a solution. “

30 X Potential Force in a Cr

Consider this! Your Gear Unsecured Inside The Vehicle has the
Potential force of 30x its weight in a sudden stop or crash situation!

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