UTV Restraints

Quarantine’s off-road UTV net devision provides industry leading design to secure cargo in all off-road situations. For when your fleet of UTV’s are taking on the largest of surveying projects in rough terrain to personal use when hunting or backcountry our full coverage adjustable design will keep your gear safe and with you when you arrive to your destination.

  • UTV Restraints Securement Mesh
  • Adjustable Cam Buckles

UTV Cargo Nets


We are sure you’re going to be absolutely pleased with your purchase and cant wait to hear how the product works for you. You can be sure that we will stand behind our UTV Cargo net and any other products within our line of Vehicle or Offroad Accessories.

Send us photos of our net in use after you get it set up on your machine! Again we cant wait to hear your feedback!


Our products surpass all job site safety standards and are compliant to DOT regulations pertaining to certified cargo securement.

Bus Restraints

How To Safely Transport Students And Their Equipment On School Outings

Kendric Products has developed a solution to the ongoing problem faced by school boards of transporting students and their equipment on school outings SAFELY.
Working closely with safety specialists within the school transportation divisions, our School Bus Specific Cargo Restraint System ensures the safe transportation of students and their cargo.

[1st Image with product features]

 Upper compartment can be effortlessly attached to bus wall using anchors
 Large zipper opening for upper compartment provides effortless access and loading
 Lower compartment zipper creates a large opening and straightforward access to seats for storage
 Considerable storage space (70 cubic feet) for transportation of school & sporting equipment, luggage, etc.

[2nd Image with product features]
 Restraint system covers a total of 4 seats allowing for plenty of storage
 High-strength tie-downs are used to connect restraints on the window side to prevent cargo from shifting
 The “L-Bracket” that runs along the side wall of the bus is used as the anchor point for a safe and secure tie-down
 Restraint system allows for numerous points of attachment to meet any bus configuration