SUV Interior Restraint System

SUV Interior Restraint System


Quarantine’s New SUV interior cargo Restraints is a unique cargo restraint design that can be configured in two different areas within the vehicle cab, in either Backseat-Setup or Hatch Setup for safe & convenient storage of cargo.

Many commercial fleets are getting more stringent regulations put on them for unsecured cargo within their employees work vehicles and we were approached by a number of safety directors to work with them on a new product for use within their teams, and to life came our new SUV Restraint system.

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Included with the Restraint System:

  • 2 Tie-down straps
  • 2 Suspension straps
  • 2 Headrest straps
  • 2 Suspension bars
  • Main Restraint
  • Protective Storage Case

The Backseat Setup is equipped to connect behind the driver & passenger by attaching restraint to OEM seatbelt system while uniquely suspending restraint above your seat and floor area for ease of storage without hindering line of site to rear window.

The Hatch Setup is the secondary configuration the restraint system will provide, designed to safely and securely contain gear within the back-hatch area behind the last set of seats. With a unique install method the restraint connects into the back door latch as its fixed anchor point and suspends above the hatch loading area.


Unsecured loose cargo regulations are being implemented throughout the Government to the private sector and the dangers of Loose Cargo within work vehicles are now becoming a serious concern. Most work vehicles carry work gear, and that gear can become a projectile coming from your backseat. Surveyors, in particular, take lots of equipment to and from their worksites from pelican cases, tools, and specialized instruments.


  • Made from durable 1000 denier nylon fabric with inlayed high grade polyester seatbelt style webbing
  • 2-in-1 Design – Hatch to Backseat Restraint configuration
  • Working Load Limit of 492lbs and proper labels on restraint
  • DOT & NSCSS Compliant

Installation & Setup

The setup or taken down of the SUV Restraint is easily done by one person and within 10 minutes the system can be setup.  No drilling or modification needed on the vehicle, and the uniserial fit design makes for a valuable cost-effective solution to the growing concern around Interior Cab Cargo Securement.

Hatch Restraint Configuration Setup

  • Connect red headrest strap to Molle loop on around headrest pillars, repeat on both front and back hearers.
  • Connect red straps to door hydraulic and back restraint, the goal is to suspend the back of the restraint system. You can also utilize upper door hinge as another possible suspension anchor although longer straps may be required.
  • If there are floor D-rings equipped in the vehicle, the Velcro-tab that is on the anchor-strap and looped through D-rings to keep action-strap in place, please note this is not intending to be its securement point, its only goal is to keep straps out of the way and tucked into the hatch corners.
  • Attach the black Molle strap to appropriate loop on restraint and other end tucks into the back of the seat corner and find appropriately seat frame to loop around and connect back to the mobile strap.
  • Utilize the Velcro on the underside of anchor-straps to properly position straps to floor carpet. Ensure anchor-strap is outside door latch by using red indicator tether as guide to know its correctly in place, as this will be the permanent anchor point for the restraint system

Backseat Restraint Configuration Setup

  • Connect red headrest straps to mobile loop on around headrest pillars repeat both front and back headrest
  • Each securement system comes with sets of extension poles, assemble each and slide them into sleeves and prepare pole to suspend the headrests
  • Remove anchor-strap from the restraint by unclipping cobra buckle as it will not be used in this backseat securement set up. Use the short cobra buckle strap that is left coming off the corner of restraint to go around OEM seatbelt shoulder strap and clip back to female end of Cobra Buckle that is tucked on the underside of restraint.
  • The black Molle strap is equipped with 2 carabiners on both ends, connect on end to appropriate loop on restraint and other end wraps around seat slide track and back to suitable Molle loop on the strap

Compliance & Working Load Limit

All components have undergone extensive testing to assure its break limit, durability, and functionality while having stamped working load limit on all critical hardware components.  All products are DOT and NSCSS compliant.

Labels & Tags – Proper Working Load Limit sew-on tags are on both the restraint system (cargo net) and the detachable tie-down straps. Tie-down straps are labeled on their own in order to be compliant for use on their own without the net.


It’s incredibly important to us that ALL of your questions are answered. Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions we. If you feel like there are still questions left unanswered after reading through, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@qarmy.com

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