Traditional Truck Bed Cargo Nets Vs. The Quarantine Restraints System

Quarantine's Modular Securement System

1. Straps (or Tie Downs): Not Just A Net!

Traditional Cargo Net Fixed Straps Vs. The QR. Restraint System’s Flow-Strap (FS) Tie Downs

Not Just A Net

2. Strap Attachment Style: Properly Securing Your Load

Traditional Cargo Net S-Hook Vs. The QR. Restraints System’s Custom Carabiners

Properly Securing Your Load

3. Truck Bed Attachment: Wider Opening For Ease Of Use.

Traditional Cargo Net Carabiners Vs. The QR. Restraints System’s Climbing Carabiners

Truck Bed Attachment

4. Customer Experience: A System You Will Actually Use.

Traditional Cargo Net Inconvenience Vs. The QR. Restraints System’s Convenience

A System You Will Actually Use

The Quarantine Restraints System is the only engineer-certified truck-bed cargo net on the market, and has the highest strength rating in the industry. To find a dealer in your area, or to simply learn more about Quarantine, please fill out the form and a Quarantine professional will be with you shortly.