Truck Bed Cargo Nets: Which is the Strongest?

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  • 10 Aug 2017
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Truck Bed Cargo Nets: Which is the Strongest?At Quarantine Restraints we believe integrity is always doing the right thing regardless of profit. Our goal is simple: to supply businesses and individuals with the very best truck bed cargo nets on the market. We want to be as honest and transparent as possible about our products, simply because we believe deeply in their reliability and function.

We began Quarantine Restraints with an intensive research and design phase, and since manufacturing, we have personally tested every aspect of our cargo nets to ensure they rise to our standards in every way. We are confident that the Quarantine Interior and Exterior Restraints Systems are the most versatile, easy-to-use and reliable truck bed cargo nets available.

There are several elements to Quarantine cargo nets that make them a truck accessory you and your drivers actually look forward to using. The detachable Flow-Strap (FS) tie-downs allows for several securement options, the net is fast to unfold and pack up again, and we use handy – yet sturdy – carabiners for the simplest attachments possible. At Quarantine, we want to prevent accidents before they happen. Job site safety is our priority!

What is the Working Load Limit (WLL) For A Cargo Net?

A Working Load Limit (WLL) is a measurement consumers are able to refer to when they want to determine which of their product options is the strongest and the toughest. To calculate a WLL, the maximum load of an item is measured through testing and then divided by a Safety Factor Ratio. Maximum loads are the amount of weight or tension any item can endure before breaking. Maximum loads are also known as the breaking strength or Break Strength Capacity (BSC) of an item.

The Canadian National Safety Code 10 (NSC 10) on Cargo Securement adheres to the professional recommendations of the Web Sling & Tie Down Association that a, “Working Load Limit (WLL) shall be based on one-third (1/3) of the break strength of the assemblies’ weakest component.” The U.S. Cargo Control also uses a safety factor ratio of 1/3 of the break strength or maximum load of an item.

Quarantine Restraints therefore also uses a safety factor ratio of 1/3 of the breaking strength our cargo nets.

Failure Testing on Quarantine Cargo Nets

In 2008 Quarantine performed failure testing on our cargo nets to determine the Working Load Limit (WLLs) of our product.

We first employed the Complete Assembly Break Test to assess our truck bed cargo nets’ total break strength and WLL. During a Complete Assembly Break Test an item (in this case the cargo net) is suspended by all four corners into a sling and weight is added until breakage. Sometimes a sling load test is performed with different numbers of straps, but for our purposes we used four, as that would represent regular use.

The results were a breaking strength of 5,904 lbs., which then produces a WLL of 1,968 lbs. – the highest certified rating in the industry by far: 

5,904 ÷ 3 (Safety Factor Ratio) = WLL 1,968 lbs

To be extra diligent, we also tested our cargo nets using the corner load method for their Weakest Component Break Test. Three of our net’s corner straps were fixed to the ground and the fourth corner was pulled in one single direction in a straight line at a uniform rate of speed. Force was applied until breakage or failure of a component. This method is ideal for allowing a worst-case scenario reenactment of an accident. Situations in which a cargo net may be shifted by momentum enough to result in its reliance on only one of its straps include hard braking, aggressive turns, frontal impacts, rear-end impacts, side impacts and rollovers.

The results of the corner load test method were a breaking strength of 1,476 lbs. for the net’s weakest component, the Corner C-Ring, which then results in WLL of 492 lbs. Therefore, Quarantine does not recommend loads of more than 450 lbs.

Components of Quarantine Cargo Nets

The Quarantine Restraints System comes with the following components: four heavy-duty carabiners, four detachable Flow-Strap (FS) tie-downs, your cargo net and a convenient storage case. As well, two extra Flow-Strap (FS) tie-downs and extra connection hardware can be purchased in our Accessory Pack  and used in conjunction with your cargo net’s standard components. Extra hardware can attach to the centre anchor points on the net and stabilize high or uneven loads.

We clearly mark each individual WLL on each component of our Restraints Systems in compliance with North American cargo securement standards.

Quarantine International believes in innovation and purpose in creating businesses and products that reflect our core values and those of our loyal customers. To us, every sale is the development of a mutual partnership, and confirmation that you believe in what we do, too.

And what we do is simple. We never stop believing that there is a better way to create everything!

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