Quarantine ShieldMax 

SUV Barrier - Your Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Safety

Unmatched Safety

Safe Gear Management 

Our SUV Barrier restrains cargo effectively, minimizing the risk of damage or injury caused by unsecured items during sudden stops or accidents.

Your Solution

Protection & Reduce Risk 

Investing in the SafetyMax™ Cargo Management Barrier Restraint means investing in the safety and efficiency of your business operations.

With our easy-to-install, highly durable, and safety-compliant product, you can significantly reduce the risk of vehicle damage and employee injury, leading to potentially large savings in liability and insurance costs.

  • No Restrictions to Visitability 

  • No Modification needed to the Vehicle  

Setting the Standard

Differentiating Factors:

Simplicity and Affordability: Unlike fixed barriers that require expensive vehicle modifications, the SafetyMax™ Barrier can be installed swiftly and simply. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance safety without breaking the bank.

Superior to Privacy Covers: While standard retractable privacy covers offer minimal protection, the SafetyMax™ Barrier provides robust safety measures, keeping your employees and gear safe and secure, no matter the circumstances.

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