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Our team has been using the system for the last 8 months. I gotta tell you it really hit every mark for what I was looking to keep my team safe. Not one of my guys had resistance using the Interior restraint and installation was easier than expected.

Being that my guys all use their own trucks for work use, they found taking the net in and out was a great benefit for when they needed to fill up the vehicle with family. One of our guys has a bulky custom-made barrier system and wished he had seen your products first. Your interior net was perfect and at a great value for my business.

If you remember, the reason I explored your product was because of my son, he was seriously hurt when nearly all of the cargo on his back seat came flying to the front of his truck in a front-end collision. I’m not taking that risk again with anybody on my team. I have a responsibility to make sure they get home to their families.” 

M. Thompson, Emerson Seismic Testing ltd.


“We have been an official Quarantine Dealer for years. The universal installation of the Interior Restraints are is great. We offer sales and installation for our customers and it takes only minutes to install the Interior Restraint System. We haven’t found a vehicle we cant install them in yet. We are outfitting many Shell Oil divisions and other oil and gas companies.”

Harvey McAulay, Fleet Facilitator, Alberta Canada


“We have been pushed by the law to secure our cargo in our pickups and tried multiple cargo nets. I won’t even say our thoughts on the bungee-style exterior cargo nets.. we have tried them all. The Quarantine products are not even in the same category as their so called competitors. You have to get one of these nets in your hands before you understand the quality. Not to mention they are great people to deal with, and their distributors are great.”

Clinton John, President and Director of Operations


“There truly isn’t a product on the market that even near the quality of the Quarantine Restraints. I have been in the cargo securement business for years and have never seen such a product. We happen to be a distributor of the Quarantine product but it didn’t start off that way.. we were a customer that needed a product for our own use and we completely fell for the quality of the product and needed to become a distributor of the line. All we can say is try and compare the Quarantine Restraints to any other restraint system on the market. The price is higher but you get more than you pay for, when you consider it’s a safety device it’s not expensive at all.”

Ken Gardner, Owner/President. Tucson, Arizona. USA


“We have made Quarantine the chosen product for our northern Alberta fleet operations.

My team and I meet the owners of Quarantine at their location for a full demo of the Interior Restraint System, the experience was great. We then moved to field testing the restraints with a number of our operators. It was a success and become a safety standard to use the Quarantine products in our vehicle fleet.”

Scott Webb, Environment, Health and Safety, Canadian Deep Basin BU – Bighorn – CFD

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