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Accessory Suspension Bar
Accessory Suspension Bar
Accessory Suspension Bar
Accessory Suspension Bar

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Yes you will have all the needed components and hardware to install your product and if you have any issues one of our specialist can help you out any step of the way. 

Are parts sold separately if we ever need them?

This question comes to us often, and yes we sell various components that you might need to buy in the future. 

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Our team would let you know if lead times are longer than expected, but typically orders get shipped within the next day. 

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Shipping and handling are at no additional cost, and we do our best to offer this to our online customers now and into the future.

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We are excited to hear how you make out after you receive it. 

Accessory Suspension Bar


Designed to be used with our QAB-IRN – Light Truck Interior Restraint as a second bar to suspend the restraint behind the headrests of the front seats creating an open cavity setup -  Net would hover over your backseat, making it easier to load your gear.. 

Depending on what Interior Restraint you have, you will need to choose the correct Bar option. If you are purchasing a new QAB-IRN it would need the new 'Gen 2 Bar'
And choose 'Gen 1' if your Restraint is the original design before the upgraded Sleeve Pockets were built directly into the net, enabling you to easily slide the bar into a sleeve. 

Please note - The QAB-IRN already comes with 1 Suspension Bar, and the second (accessory bar) is an optional upgrade. 

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